Methamphetamine Investigation Yields Two Arrests

The Parkersburg Police Department began an investigation on 04/30/14 of suspected manufacturing of methamphetamine. The Uniform Division was called to respond to Fire Station # 3 at 1122 hours to look into the possibility of trash that was picked up being on  fire. The city crew had just picked up trash in the area of Reed Street and shortly after the pick up, the workers noticed smoke coming from two separate bags in the trash truck. These workers have been involved with incidents similar to this in the past and believed this would be related to the manufacture of methamphetamine. The sanitation truck stopped at the closest fire station, 13th Street and Liberty Street for safety and to contact PPD.

Officers opened the two bags and located were multiple plastic bottles with white sediment inside. Some of these bottles also had black flakes inside as well. These bottles appeared to have been used as reaction vessels where solvents and other components are mixed together to produce methamphetamine. This particular method of manufacture is commonly referred to as one pot or bottle method. Other bottles inside these bags had holes in the lids, which contained brown sediments inside and some were emitting smoke. The bottles appeared to have been used as gas generators to facilitate the manufacture of meth.

The sanitation workers were interviewed by Detective Sturm and were able to provide information to lead the investigation to 611 Reed Street, Parkersburg. Detective Sturm conducted additional research about the residents of this address and confirmed the purchase of pseudoephedrine by those residing there.

The officers went to the residence and located, Rachel A. King, 27, sitting inside of her parked vehicle at the residence. Detectives spoke to King who advised that her husband and two children were inside the home. The officers were concerned with the safety of the infant children inside the home and had asked for consent of the resident to check their welfare. The father of these children, Charles King, 38, denied the officers access to the inside of the home, but did comply with officers when asked to bring them outside.

Detectives applied for and obtained a search warrant to search the residence. Detectives searched the home at 1530 hours and found an active methamphetamine laboratory inside of the residence. The Detectives also located several components needed and/or used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Rachel A. King and Charles E. King were arrested and charged with Operating or Attempting to Operate a Clandestine Drug Laboratory. The two children, ages 2 and 4, were released to a responsible family member. The Kings were both arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court and released on $10,000.00 bond.

Rachel A. King
611 Reed Street
27 YOA

Charles E. King
611 reed Street
Parkersburg, WV
38 YOA

King 1 King 2