Firearms Program


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The following officers are currently assigned as Firearms Instructors:

Lt. W.G. Collins

Lt. M.W. Eichhorn

Sgt. G.L. Powers

Det. D.D. Sturm

Det. K.S. Barnette


PPD Police Range

WV LET Requirements

The below section addresses the Legislative Rule that went into effect July 10, 2011 as to range qualification requirements. Primary changes are:

1.  Requirement that the two required, one at low light, qualifications now be separated by a period of four (4) months minimum. The practice of holding the qualifications on the same day, one in afternoon and officers returning at dusk same day for low light, will have to be discontinued as to the two qualifications meeting the rule requirement.

2.  Will have to be a minimum course of fire of at least 32 rounds on a course from ranging between a minimum of the 3 to 15 yard line. How the course is set up, stationary, moving, timed, etc is the call of the Range Officer in charge.

3.  Course fired with the Officer’s unmodified service handgun, which refers to not being able to use kits to cause the weapon, ie a 40 cal fire as a 22 cal. There is NO prohibition against modifying sights, grips, etc.

4.  The setting of a minimum passing score of 75%. Again, the Range Officer in charge sets the course of fire. Based on that course of fire the Officer would have to get a passing score of 75%

5.  That the target used must be approved by the Law Enforcement Professional Standards (LEPS) Subcommittee. A list will be developed by the LEPS as to approved standard targets. An example (picture sufficient) of other targets and why they are desired to be used for your agency may be submitted to me for presentation to the Subcommittee members for approval.

Legislative rule 149-2-10.2 addresses firearm qualifications and is as follows :

10.2. It is the responsibility of each law enforcement agency to require, at a minimum, semi-annual firearms qualifications of all active members, one of which will be a low light firing for qualification. All qualifications shall be separated by a minimum period of four (4) months.

10.2.a. Each handgun qualification shall be with the individual’s unmodified primary service handgun and shall consist of a course of fire requiring a minimum of thirty-two (32) rounds ranging from the three yard line to the fifteen yard line on a Subcommittee approved target.

10.2.b. The minimum passing score for qualification shall be seventy-five percent (75%).

The current legislative rules require the approval of the target(s) to be used during officer qualifications (the two required each year, one under low light conditions) by the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee has approved a recommendation from a committee it formed to review such targets that any target that has a scoring are no larger than 468 square inches is acceptable for use. This “maximum” scoring area is applicable to all targets, ie paper, steel, reactive, etc.