Detective Bureau


Detectives are responsible for the most minor of investigations to the most critical.  Patrol officers take the original reports and if an arrest can not immediately be made, or if the case can’t be closed, it will be assigned to a detective for follow-up.

Cases must now be worked on a priority basis.  Detectives case loads are enormous with the departments calls for service ranging from 39,000 to 44,780 per year. Detectives now provide coverage during the days, evenings and weekends in an effort to better serve the city and the department.

You may call the Detective Bureau at 304-424-8440.

Assignment to the Detective Bureau

Assignments to the Detective Bureau come directly from the Chief of Police.  An officers work on the street, overall performance, and their willingness to become an investigator factor in the decision to transfer an officer to the unit. Under Civil Service law, this is not a promotion.  It is an assignment change with the officer officially holding the same rank as a patrolman.


Lt. W.G. Collins  (

Sgt. T.A. Davis (

Sgt. J.M. Stalnaker (

Detective D.D. Sturm (

Detective T.P. Wolfe (

Detective J.D. Hart (

Detective M.S. Brown (

Detective S.A. Semones (

Detective R.M. Sanchez (

Detective J.O. Bell (

Computer Crimes
Detective T.P. Wolfe

Evidence Technician
K.D. Roberts (Civilian)